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About Arts Junior Montessori

Arts Junior Montessori is a Japanese managed and operated international Montessori school.

As a childcare center certified by the Singapore Government's ECDA, Arts Junior Montessori offers two programs as part of its main curriculum. One runs on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm for children aged one and a half to three years, and the other is from 9 am to 4 pm for children four and up. We also provide early check-in starting at 7 am for busy families looking for extra support as well as extended childcare services until 7 pm.

At Arts Junior Montessori, our curriculum focuses on the child's aesthetic development and includes essential elements covering all aspects of a well-rounded upbringing. This leads to children who are self-reliant and constantly engaged in the world around them. Our extensively experienced team of certified instructors dedicate themselves to educating unique individuals who are loved, appreciated, and respected by those around them. This ensures they will carve out their own place and role in society while cultivating a robust and refined body that is of profound intellect and rich in spirit.

A Place where Children Feel Truly Loved.

Theories of early-childhood education often satisfy adults but fall short at cultivating insightful, robust children. We concentrate on training our knowledgeable staff to help them maximize each child's potential while keeping work rewarding and fun. Our early childhood education comprises a unique combination of our founders' firsthand experiences teaching children in Singapore, America, and Japan, with the understanding and practical knowledge acquired over their many years in education. Together with the theories and practices of the Montessori Method, this education becomes firmly rooted in the hearts and minds of our children.  

In addition to the power to create, imagine, and be self-reliant and confident, we nurture a hunger for knowledge and a thoughtful and caring spirit in our students. Here, the adults attend directly to the children, making sure each is supported individually and provided with nothing but the best to the benefit of all.

Come and see firsthand how the students at Arts Junior Montessori brim with happiness and affection as they interact with others. We are certain you will be impressed with the fantastic results achieved through our fundamentals in character building. 

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy here at Arts Junior Montessori, we place importance on curiosity and letting children choose the things they want to learn.


We encourage them to carefully engage in the selected task and delight in that “aha!” moment when they confidently and triumphantly finish what they started. Our school has developed a unique program that teaches children to clearly express their ideas and feelings in their own words, with measured speech and a calm disposition. By satisfying their thirst for knowledge and discovering facts themselves through hands-on activities, children experience a sense of achievement and pleasure that helps build self-reliance, confidence, and the foundations of personality.


At Arts Junior Montessori, we help tomorrow’s global citizens grow and spread their wings.

Founder's Message 

The word "Arts" in our name, "Arts Junior Montessori," comes from the notion that all children are irreplaceable masterpieces with their own special value. At our school, we place importance on the children's dignity as people and respect their unique characters in each interaction.

I have worked in early childhood education for more than 30 years. In that time, it has been my privilege to learn directly from Ms. Atsuko Sagara, one of the leading luminaries of the Montessori movement. The Montessori philosophy places great emphasis on giving children opportunities for authentic learning and self-directed effort. The best homework assignments come from the natural environment, and we believe grappling with these organic challenges provides opportunities for learning and growth. Ms. Sagara always told me "Don't focus on trying to make children do something. In the right environment, at the right time, they'll do it naturally." When education is forced, it becomes unpleasant: something to resist. But when the desire to learn wells up naturally, children begin to understand, absorb, and grow with surprising momentum.

Still today, during the moments I spend with these children, I recall the gentle gaze and kind words of my former teacher who dedicated her life to early childhood education. Here at Arts Junior Montessori, I hope to continue her legacy and pass on the valuable lessons she imparted.

Misugi Momoyo

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