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Our standard enrichment program is free of charge.  


Enrichment provides children opportunities to encounter music, exercise, and experience new and exciting interactions.

School Events

Over the course of each year, we hold a wide variety of special events and excursions. These provide opportunities for children to steadily absorb and learn in a different environment from their regular classrooms. Excursions allow children to learn from the real world and expand their perspective of the world around them.

Airplane Museum

We took a field trip to an airplane museum.


Butterfly Park

We saw all kinds of creatures in a butterfly garden.


Halloween Event (10/30/2018)

Through the help of IKEA Alexandra, we were able to go trick-or-treating.


Orchestra Visit!

We visited a local orchestra and got to play with their instruments.


Overnight School Trip

The older children got to do an in-school sleepover.


Skate! - Senior Class Outing Day

We took our oldest children (at least five years old) to a skating rink. For some, this was their first time ever.


Visiting a Supermarket

We all set out to a supermarket and learned firsthand about grocery shopping.

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