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An education that is strongly rooted in traditional Montessori education which encourages children to grow and learn from their experiences and the environment

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method of teaching and learning that combines science, technology, engineering, art, and math to guide students in inquiry, discussion, and problem-solving.


Art allows children to develop their creativity and self-expression, which fosters mental growth by providing opportunities to try new concepts and problem-solving.

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heavy emphasis on project work which encourages children to work with one another, experiencing and learning about each other's culture and background.

​Language is an important and powerful skill needed for critical thinking, especially for our young global citizens of tomorrow.

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Music education is critical in enhancing the child's understanding of humanity and its cultures.

Exercise is a quintessential part of the physical and the growth of a child. We have created an exciting but safe space for children to move about and play.

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​Eating is a life-long and necessary part of life. Our culinary skills and appreciation classes help children to develop good eating habits and cooking skills.

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