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Physical Education

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Stay Fit!!

The physical health of our children here at Arts Junior Montessori is of utmost importance to us. We place a special focus, not just on physical education but food education as well. We believe that both good exercise and good food habits are essential for healthy growth.

Delicious and safe meals are prepared daily in our in-house kitchen. Polished Japanese rice as well as rich and healthy ingredients go into the snacks and meals, that are prepared and served with consideration. Through this, we build the basis of a child's good eating habits and the foundation of lifelong love for healthy food.

Our colorful lunch menu is rich in vegetables and contains many ingredients. All meals are handmade and prepared with care, instilling in the children a standard for quality food; a lifelong mentality ensuring their longevity. 


In true Arts Junior Montessori spirit, "Only the best things for children."we use freshly polished Kumamoto prefecture produced Japanese rice "Akimasari" In our daily meals. We receive a fresh portion of rice every week to use in our meals so as to keep the quality and taste of the rice at it's best. 

We understand the important and emphasis that parents place upon their children's meals therefore all meal preparations are done in our in-house kitchen, where we can monitor and provide a sense of transparency to assure parents that the food our children consume is of quality, delicious and nutritious, ensuring that the children's fitness will always be at it's best. 

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