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Tri-lingual Learning Environment

To nurture global citizens of the future, we focus on a tri-lingual education. We believe that children start to communicate with the world around them when they use their hands and body to immerse themselves in the environment and experience this world first-hand. Hence, instead of out-dated desk work, we encourage our children to be hands-on with the world around them. 

​Our children spend their most important developmental years immersing themselves in a tri-lingual environment, learning how to read, write and speak in English, Chinese and Japanese. Careful attention from our teachers allow children to learn how to freely express themselves in various languages. Whether it is speaking to the taxi-driver in Chinese to get to where they need to, reading shopping mall signs in English, or communicating with Japanese people while on holiday in Japan, we noticed that language proficiency gives children the power to communicate with the world around them and take charge of various situations.

We believe that childhood is the perfect opportunity to cultivate strong language skills. Reading and writing skills are taught in a fun and applicable way where children can enjoy learning to communicate with one another. Quintessential to our language lessons are conversational skills in English, Chinese and Japanese. On top of that, for English, the children learn systematic phonics and reading. This builds a strong foundation for children to not only learn the basics of the English language but also equip themselves with the skill to effectively develop their grammar and vocabulary as they grow older. Hiragana and Katakana writing skills are taught in Japanese classes and Hanyu pinyin and simple character compositions are taught in Chinese classes.

​Enhanced with our Montessori education system, we have designed an environment where children's intellect grows while children are having fun. Our ultimate goal is to make learning fun and meaningful for our children. 


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